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Cyber Crime, Cyber Terrorism, and Cyber War

             Cyber crimes can affect each and every one of
             us, even if we don't know it. While most of us
             would never leave our car unlocked with the
             wallet in it, many of us do the equivalent when

 Think you don't need protection?  Running that computer without an anti-virus program and a firewall is the same as leaving that new car unlocked.  Making purchases, on-line from an insecure site is almost the same as leaving the house unlocked and going to sleep.


There have been several malicious ploys to get Internet users to install free software they receive as in their e-mail or on-line. The questionable file(s) may be a Trojan or other type of malicious software that may wait on your machine for days/weeks before activating.   Be sure you know the source of such solicitations.  Just because a familiar name is on the return address, does not mean the message came from them.  Microsoft , for example does not send files to their customers.

What is a virus? 

Code written with the express intention of replicating itself. A virus attempts to spread from computer to computer by attaching itself to a host program. It may damage hardware, software, or data.

 A subclass of a virus is a worm. A worm generally spreads without user action and distributes complete copies (possibly modified) of itself across networks. A worm can consume memory or network bandwidth, thus causing a computer to stop responding.


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